To all my Followers

I want to pose a question

In hopes that you will leave a comment

What would you do if you blog with a person everyday
then for what ever reason that person just goes silent

They are not posting and are not responding to your

What would you do,how does it make you feel,is there and inner
responsibility that you feel

I would hope to get feed back from this……….
As time moves on there will be more questions concerning the blogosphere that I would like to ask

As always Sheldon

13 thoughts on “To all my Followers

  1. It’s so sweet of you have such a concern, but don’t worry Sheldon! Maybe that person gets busy or something ๐Ÿ™‚ I think he/she will get back to you once he/she has time. Smile always! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Sheldon,

    My first thought is, is that person OK? I worry about parole. That same thing has happened to me, and later they have turned up fine, no worries on their part. But it makes me angry because they didn’t bother to let me know. I have dropped out of a blog because the content ceased to interest me, but how can I say to someone “sorry, I no longer find your thoughts and feelings interesting?” I suppose that might in the end be kinder than simply disappearing, but I am a coward so I just disappeared. Actually, to give myself a bit of credit, I did explain myself to the person several times before I dropped out, but they were unable to hear me so I just stopped, because the whole thing was stressful to me and for me blogging is anti-stressful, so anything stressful has to go. I hope you get this resolved, one way or another! It has to be causing you anxiety. Love–Laura

  3. Depends on how intimate the blog-contact has gotten. There are fellow-bloggers, who I followed/liked/commented and who followed/liked/commented my blogposts, that suddenly disappeared. Too bad, I thought; but they probably had other things on their mind. There also are fellow-bloggers that have become some kind of friend. If one of those would suddenly disappear, I would probably send them an E-mail and ask why they stopped blogging. (And if I would quit blogging; I would certainly write a post about it and say good luck to everyone).

  4. I consider my blog buddies my friends. I have experienced what your talking about and was rather concerned for that person. So yes, I think it’s normal and can be painful! Bless you!

  5. I understand your concern dear. I’m too going with a same kind of feeling… However, just hoping that everything is fine there and they will turn up as soon as possible.
    Love to you <3

  6. This happens to me quite often. It kind of depends on how close I feel with them. If we’re not that close, I just think that they have for some reason ‘gone off’ my blog. If that is the case, I will continue liking and commenting on their blog to see if they return and if not, I just stop liking and commenting on their blogs. If it is someone I feel particularly close to, I might write them a more specific note.

  7. i have had to deal with this several times, and i did it myself once.

    it’s hard when someone disappears, but i think if they do, they have a reason for doing it. i don’t think trying to get in touch with them other than on the places you usually talk to them (like various social medias) is a good idea. they will come back if it’s right for them.

    i’ve actually felt grief once when a friend vanished. it was awful, all the wondering, waiting, checking for them here, there and everywhere, asking their friends, etc. i eventually had to just give up.

    when i left social media for a year, i know i had a lot of friends who were really sad and upset. one tried to reach me by phone (she had my street address and full name so she was able to find my phone number). it was so invasive. i’m not saying, you’re going to call them but just that trying too hard to get in touch with someone is not a good idea. one person sent me a card in the mail. that was fine. i didn’t reply, but it made me feel good.

    i left because i had a stalker. things happened online and in real life that made it impossible for me to stay. no one could have helped, i just needed to get out of there for awhile.

    i hope your friend comes back!

  8. Lives go in phases. Sometimes I struggle to keep pace with blogging. Perhaps the blogger has unexpectedly been drawn away. A short message would have been courteous but maybe not possible. I know one blogger who stopped because he had no choice. I found out why by chance. Disturbing but private. Try an e mail.

  9. Sheldon, this has happened to me too! I always wonder why, however, never invade the privacy of that person. Sometimes stuff in life happens and gets in the way of blogging, with no explanation. We just don’t have any control over other people’s behaviors, we only have control over our own. I’d say give that person some space. You’ll probably never know the reason for that person disappearing from Blogosphere! Sometimes keeping a connection in Blogosphere gets too heavy to continue! Christine

  10. Hi Sheldon2014. There could be many reasons for them not making contact. Somebody suggested emailing. There is little else you can do. But hope any problems are resolved. May I thank you for calling by and wanting to follow my poetry adventures. And liking my poem Encounter! Also thank you for your great comment. So nice to meet you. Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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