To All My Followers

I don’t want to get to far ahead of myself and or jinx but yesterday early evening I came home and as soon as I walk through the front door it was as though I hand walk through a force field

There was this presents around me,all the pain had left my body,I know how this sounds but this is what has transpired,I am not completely pain free

But let me tell you I am a lot better , I slept like a rock and my dreams were without demons

Call it what you will but…………


It’s not that I am a father it’s that I have a daughter

Sure at first it was the daddy thing but quickly became the girly thing

There has been circumstances and situations that I thought I never thought I would of ever been able to experience if I wasn’t able to see this great opportunity to experience life as a dad,I have been blessed by all of this

I am proud to say I have given all that I never had to her,I know how it sounds but she has gotten the best of me she write , draws ,make dresses fir her dolls, has interests that go way beyond her years of nine and reads way beyond her level. I can’t leave out the mom aspect either we two have both work hard at it and the pay off has been bigger than we both could ever hope for

It’s great to be validated by those,but today I am taking my left arm and stretching as far as I can to give myself a huge pat on the back


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