To All of My Followers/pt.2

“Validation Slip”

I have a strong sense

of what is going on

besides words

that are written

My intuition always


even when

I choose

not to


I am drawn

into other

people’s world

not for

its curiosity

it’s because

of their


I am so

used to


to me



of my being

Instead of


I need

the pain

to know

I’ve succeeded

Even worst to be inflicted by their pain instead of liking them,or how about you liking the pain as you would like them to like ………………

(I am always pushing the envelope,it’s who I am ,yesterday I had opened the floor up with a question, I had a lot of responses,now as time goes on and I feel more comfortable,we well go on with the discussion, but today’s topic is PAIN)

4 thoughts on “To All of My Followers/pt.2

  1. I don’t agree with Marissa, respectfully. I don’t believe it’s cliche nor do I think you’re wallowing in it. You’re expressing what you need to…god knows some of the, most of our greatest creativity is produced from pain. We know not happiness without pain. We get to know our true selves through pain.

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