To Show & Tell

No one knows

who this person

truly is

I’m not sure

if he knows


He has always

spoken words

that never mixed

His mouth

has always

written checks

that his mind

can’t seem to


Yet some how

there seems

to be a few

who find

him serious

Because he has

a lot of money

As luck would

have it the

money came

with his name

And the only

true luck he

had was he

learn just how

to keep it

His name is


He believes

he’s running

What he doesn’t


he is really

standing still

& the rest of

us who still

have good


Are running as

fast as we can

Because the disease

that he has

is a VIRUS

To Us All


I could go on

And by the days end

You never know with me

But for now………..

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