Too Much

I’ve been tryin to rise my head
I’ve been juggling to many balls in the air
The weather here has been crazy
It’s been raining today like crazy
And the wind has been twice as bad
One day it’s hot the next day it’s cold
To make it even more crazier
I hit my head real hard this passed  Friday
It threw me completely off
My internet connection has been really slow
I had already had begun to lose my zest for blogging
I am trying to rekindle my passion
There’s just been too much going on around me
Please be patient with me
The Sheldon Perspective

13 thoughts on “Too Much

  1. Oh dear, it must be going around. I’m so sorry you’re feeling funky. Another blogger friend had it rough these few days, and me too. I think I’ll call my astrologer friend and ask her what’s up.
    Love you, big gentle hugs….

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