Tuesday Song Socker

Ok Ritu this is my interpretation of  l l Cool J

Doin it

Ritu happens to be a good friend she has always been there for me,she is great as what she does

with her blog butismileanyway.wordpress.com

Please go and check her out,tell her I sent you

So with that here’s Doin It

There isn’t anythin

left worth

Doin it


Cause what was

doin ain’t enough

for doin it


First it was

was somthin

we all needed

But when it

came time

you turned

and walked

So when I

saw that back

My smile

became a


So what was



ain’t enough

for doin well

Left now

with a broken

heart and age

It’s lonely to stand

with my back to life

But when you

got people

who are stuck

It ain’t enough

for doin

Or doin it………..


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