untitled(Murder,Mystery,and alot of Craziness)

(Main Characters. The chauffeur,Reeves,The Boss)

I am not revealing the real name to this story just yet

We will have to see how it all goes and if you fine people

ascept this and or want me to post more, so with that, Alfonso drum roll I give………………..

Reeves pulls off the highway doesn’t notice the signs, he’s in a panic, lost. He get to the bottom of the ramp and turns rite. His boss is in an outrage, where the hell are you. Reeves comes to a complete stop where he sees a street sign in shambles, like it was stepped like a soup can,it looks like 4th and M and he knows he’s in deep shit. All of a sudden there’s a loud smashing noise, a sound that the Windows to the limo are being broken, glass is flying everywhere,Reeves and his boss are trying to cover themselves to keep from being hit by the glass, it doesn’t help there is blood everywhere,Reeves catches a glimpse, there are four men wearing black with their faces cover, but that all he sees, everything goes dark a silence becomes as there once was the smashing of glass.There’s blood everywhere, both Reeves and his boss are missing. A trail of blood to where the bodies have been taken, but then it stops. As though they had been put into a vehicle,taken somewhere, but by whom or where

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