20170923_034415you never know what it feels like till you don’t have it any more
When you are ridden and confined or
When you are debilitated and you can’t seem to find,you’re suddenly dropped into the lost but not found bin with Authority,waiting for you to do something that you shouldn’t do, or a case of absent mindedness,
God forbid a phone w/0 its hooks
Suddenly the blue and whts are outside your door waiting for an explanation of why you are not being more responsible,looking at you from head to toe to see any sides of God forbid blood,the therapist was suppose to call and I had left the phone off the hook,the therapist got crazy and call Mr Man I had some xplaning to do,of course the obvious
Wasn’t good enough because I had left paper to explain my trail being a harm to yourself or others @ 302
Bamm ridden and debilitated,I explained but with paper its facts first,then all your why’s with a because or 2,for once you are forever you will be

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