He is a lazy

piece of shit

The dust had more

motion than he

I told him he be

better off walking

bare foot


the soles of his shoes

we’re to good for him

When you speak

to him there’s

reflection of


where his

should be eyes

Dead man walking

with death

on his breath

He has so many issues

he beats Time And Life

He’s just a vacuum

living in a void

In a space where

someone else

could occupy

8 thoughts on “Vacancy

  1. Was this dead man walking ahead of life of strife so rife with pain that his only gain was subsistence in mere existence, leaving him with only death on his breath? And is this the end or will someone send love into that empty space to make place for resurrection? 😉 Great, great creative work!

  2. You are here I can feel all of you
    I didn’t have email for 5 days
    I missed all of you so much it’s bringing tears to my eyes as I write this
    A huge part of me was missing
    I am so glad to be up and kind of running
    You guys are my family
    I am so glad to be back
    Lots and lots of

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