W. Watch



The school bell

Time was structured

But are we as time

She once stood for

Something as the

Flag waved at the

Start of school where

We put our hand

Over our heart

And pledge allegiance

Now it’s just a reminder

Like the priceless

Baseball cards that there

Was an age for innocence

As the Flag waved and we

As children played with

Matches hoping to see there POWER

One thought on “W. Watch

  1. You bringing back great memories for me with this one…
    going outside to say the pledge …the whole school did…
    baseball cards that my dad had when he was a kid that he left at home with his brothers but gave it to uncle vic to hold onto and he gave them to his sister junkie kid…he sold them for drugs…dad just found out…
    I am afraid that they will soon do away with the pledge and other fundamental things that I believe are still needed in our world today…
    Glad to see you around my dear and writing a lot today… imma going to eat bacon n eggs for lunch… my cholesterol is sky high n my heart dr loves me lolololol…
    How you holding up…???

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