Wants Never More

Distant was the burning light
That I kept in my heart
Wanting more of your shine
Till the journey was not
I knew I couldn’t wait
So I began never knowing which way
I didn’t need to know
I knew life
& my passion
The love in my heart
Oh those memories of once
What else is there for a man
What else is there for a man to see
But nature carrying its young
Across the barren land
My heart can’t remain still
For not only life
For not only it’s light
But for the love of you
And the wants never more
Hey guys I haven’t been asleep
Just been busy

4 thoughts on “Wants Never More

  1. Welcome back Sheldon,
    And I see you bring the fair maiden Gwynth look alike in her shiny white kickers,
    I love white sneakers…although not practical with the heat in my world…
    Alas, a girl can dream
    But in the meantime my eyes read your lovely words and I am so happy to see
    The creative embers burning with such depth,
    Beautiful and if I may, one of your best…
    Not to mention the hip girl, I love the art, it’s rocking….
    Hope all is ok and smooth,
    Sending the usual, light and good stuff,
    Like peace and blessings,

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