20170831_040928If you ever listen to music

And you know what you…..

Then you know there is

Truth in a guitar,there is

Something so seductive that

It’s as though there’s a range

Of emotion unparalleled like

Nothing you ever heard,these

Truth sayers are few and far between

And some of the really greats are…..

To listen and appreciate

is to be part of this truth

6 thoughts on “Webcore

  1. 2days musik is just… I can’t …I have checked out of “new musik” I used to be a huge musik lover but I guess I will just have to listen to my go to songs lol… and find more songs from older bands that I like…idk… they just produce shitt these days… so much auto tune going on…as long as you fit the package then you will get a deal…

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