What I Couldn't See

What I am saying in this piece
Happened a very very long time ago
When I first got sober
Yet I am still trying to come
To terms with it
This is on the harsh side
So if there is any doubt in your
Please pass this one by
I can’t change the
Or the situation
I can only speak
of my
I only wanted
to help
With both hands
stretched out
As a person
would do
We were closer
than just……..
Yet I can see now
that my 
help was blind
Because at the time
you didn’t need mine
But someone
who was qualified
You were chasing your demons
As I was chasing mine
What I didn’t know
how close you
were to the end
of your fight
I only meant love
Love for a lasting
Built upon years
I only pray
that you know
and hear
what my intentions were
And not for the pain
that I couldn’t see

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