whats a poor boy to do

It’s been difficult to get inspired to write

There has been to many days of back to back

Pain compounded with next to no sleep,I’ve been

Missing art classes to make it even worst,I did find a good Dr and I am gotten some better meds for the pain,I just started pt last nite

The words rite now are lost ,a poem seem so distant

As always Sheldon

10 thoughts on “whats a poor boy to do

  1. You seem in a right poorly state, Sheldon. Is this long-term back pain ?
    Forget creativity for awhile until you feel a bit better. Creativity won’t forget you so don’t worry about that. I’m trying to think you just that little bit better. Hey … All the best. Kris.

  2. Back pain is awful. It’s very unpredictable. I have suffered for years. I wish you swift relief Sheldon. Maybe the words willing return soon. Be patient and sort your back pain out first.

  3. I tried lifting to much at once,and I pitched a a nerves,it’s rubbing against a bone,it has been going on for too long and the pain has been intense
    I just started seeing this good Dr and last nite I started physical therapy
    I hope that the medicine I got now will give me some relief,thank you all for commenting
    As always Sheldon

  4. My dear Sheldon…i can so relate to this…it is my main reason that i do not post as often as i would like…pain…pain will eat away at you and your whole body ….i know you are strong and happy to hear that you got a better dr and different medications i hope this helps you….be strong as i know that you are and try your best to hang in there after all that is all we can do…hugs to you my friend…Suzette.

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