what I’m reading now

A novel called The Caregiver by Maria Theresa Casale.

When Lillian Thomas is hired to care for the cantankerous, bedridden Ellen Wilmot, it is Ellen’s beautiful, strangely familiar old house that immediately claims her devotion. But when Ellen’s daughter and granddaughter come to stay, Lillian finds herself drawn into the family’s  loves, lies and resentments. And she faces a terrible choice.

The book is available at http://www.amazon.com/Caregiver-Maria-Casale-ebook/dp/1502420953/ref=sr_1_3_twi_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1420301869&sr=8-3&keywords=casale

You can check  Maria’s blog it’s     bookwormrrriot.wordpress.com

She blogs about books and all things written and creativity

2 thoughts on “what I’m reading now

  1. Maria is a self publisher. Her book was something that I found because I needed something fresh to read, I went with my gut on this one to my surprise it has paid off. Her book is an effortless read. She makes her words jump out at you. Her images take you on a imagination journey, that never stops, I highly recommend this book

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