20170621_051948I didn’t forget you,if anything I’ve learn to embrace
You as you walk in the metaphysical
World I feel as though you’ve have extended your hand and showed another side of your Gemini
Not that you didn’t before,I will
Never forget that early morning conversation,you telling me get out of your life,don’t ask for anything cause I wasn’t going to get anything
You hung the phone up and next I knew it was a morphine goodbye
You didn’t like what I brought you to eat,you talked behind my back about that,as I saw how my brother brought all the foods you weren’t allow to have,all 3 of you made sure in one way or another that I didn’t deserve the toilet paper to wipe my own ass I wanted to share this goodbye with you,I’ve tried but you were wrapped up in anger and all you wanted to do Is to die,the fixer now fixed,and no one but no one could change your mind if you couldn’t have life,you wanted to control your death,I wasn’t a care giver I was the shadow you said we need to give ………..her more morphine

I still wrestle with my fathers and my mothers death,how we killed each other now I sit here wrestling
With my life. Just remember that if you are going to take care of someone,that the transposed is not you taking care of you

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