Why Now


There’s no way to dodge it

You’re a gymnast at best

You tuck and roll

Hopefully surviving this test

There seems to be a lot

Of losers death and suicide

I know how this feels I survived

To take the test again,I passed by

The skin of my teeth,I know

How it feels, despair is the lite and

Pain is your eyes that help to you see

It’s a hard rain that falls,the life we are living has never been talked about till now

When I Lived it It was behind close Doors and hush hush,fully blown

Life bubble has burst,taking those who

are unwilling to wait,bait and switch

Life hasn’t a answer and it becomes

Kicking ass,taken #’s death and suscide

It’s cold out here even in 90 degree heat

Hell has ice cubes and it’s waiting

For someone else to drink,it’s never

Enough the I’s want more,hopelessly

Hoping we can’t see the

Rain before the storm

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