Wichita Flatman

(This was inspired by Glenn Campbell,he is going through a very rough time,I believe he is suffering from Alzheimer,from what I can gather he is in a home,it’s a waiting game rite now.

I heard this song he had recently recorded, it was very sad,this poem came out of what I heard)

Taken by an illness

he never asked for

Time has forgotten

what he has

to live for

Anger is the


is now his


to forget

So instead of

being happy

for those


he had

He is angry

he wants

you to know

that he’s

not grateful

He wants to

rise his hands

and his middle


To say…..

it was then

and not now

I won’t remember

even though

you won’t


5 thoughts on “Wichita Flatman

  1. Wow, Sheldon, that’s a very powerful poem. I’ve been work a lot of people with various sorts of dementia recently. It seems like there’s a cluster of them. Really, it’s that generation passing out of time. It’s the natural order of things, but the closer it gets, the weirder it seems…to me….

  2. It was a very powerful song and as I said very sad,I couldn’t help but listen,it struck me so I had to write something,I’ve been working on it for days just finished and decided to post,thank you Laura,it’s always a pleasure

  3. This one hit me kind of hard, I can’t say why it just struck a nerve, so l was compelled to write this,it was sitting awhile before I could get back to it,the other one,This my soul was inspired by the video I saw on Johnny cash,I believe the song is called hurt,if you have the time check out youtube it awesome

  4. Excellent my friend…very sad indeed. My gramma had dimentia though “luckily” she was in her 90’s when it took over. I think in the end it’s harder for those left behind to be sure. Hurt…one of my favorite covers of Johnny’s…had the distinct pleasure of playing guitar on this song live on a provincial tour…it’s the kind of song yhe whole band and our Johnny felt deeply…was quite something.

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