Within The Lines

I was taught to color

within the lines

and a face always was

suppose to smile

Only certain colors

could express

and the black canyon

was never to be used

For perfection can only

be achieved when

color was accepted

How at an early age

was I suppose to know

that this was a


That this was not

about coloring

within the lines

It was more about expression

How was I suppose to know

that I was being set up to fail

To see the picture with someone’s

else’s eyes is to color

within the lines

So many times

I cried

for reasons

of perfection

Because I didn’t know

the words to speak

So many times they

wanted to give me more

to cry about

without the


of expression

This was my enterance

into a world

of perfection

Where coloring

within the lines

was the only

way I could

get accepted

8 thoughts on “Within The Lines

  1. “How was I suppose to know ” this line is my favourite and truly how should we all know that what to do at times ? Bothering from others sucks

  2. We used to have a math teacher back in elementary school that would go ballistic if we didn’t color in the lines. She scared the living out of all of us. There was a girl who used to throw up every time before we would go into her class.

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