Words Not……..

in the all of life
there were words
i had wanted to say

But had forgotten
for its quickness
was so
that time
never stands

i was yours way before
i knew

Your eyes spoke
long before
your words

There was a life
a fire

So that
i could stand
and never turn
even try
walk away

How we met
in a church
where we
to write
the words

How could i
think that
this was not
meant to be

Yet i was in
denial of
my heart
because love
up until
had never

But my denial
was not

Yours was love to keep

So in the all of life
where we are now
is a place is of beauty

Where all the flowers grow

i shall stand
and never turn

For your beauty
is like a
flower grown
to which
i want

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