You Would Think

Ok good people I am dipping my toes into the cold waters of words

I was listening to Robert Palmers “Every kind of People” I hope I got the title of the song rite

Anyway I said this is a good one to try

So he goes

Drum roll Alfonso

” You Would Think”

You would think by now

people would get it

But it’s a far cry

to its silence

What appears to be


Has become foreign

And what should be………

has become the loudest mouth

I said you think

by now you could

understand that this


we live

is for us all

But it’s ok to say

your not welcome here

For freedom now

is just a trigger rest

And pointing is to kill

People we don’t have

much time left

Cause even our children can’t decide

You think by now we would get it

But as long as there two sides to the street

We will stand

As we will fall


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